Monday, December 6, 2010

Visit with Santa

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to track down the sneaky St. Nick.  We found him, thanks to my dear friend Stephanie who is always beyond organized and in the know about all of the great community events in our area.

So we headed out the the Castle Pines Village where they were hosting Santa, Mrs Claus and some free cookie decorating.  In an effort not to wait in an ever growing line of bored kids and less than festive parents we got there EXTRA early.  That may have been an overshoot on our part.  We were there ready to go at 10:30am.  Santa was scheduled to appear at 11 and no one else got in line until about 10:50.  Oh well, the kids had a pseudo good time running around together and ignoring their mothers requests to stay clean and tidy until their meeting with the big guy.

My poor kids were the only ones dressed in matching outfits.  Christmas is the only time I actually force them to wear the same thing.  I just adore coordinated outfits!!
The cookie decorating afterward was a hit.  Dude chose to slather his in red frosting and scarf it immediately while Birdie took her time adding sprinkles and frosting just so.  Only allowing it to be eaten once she was safely in the car with a napkin in her lap.  They then begged me to take them to the mall to see the "real" Santa.  I declined, but was persuaded to visit Yogurtland.  That is a whole post in itself.  My love for Yogurtland will never be satisfied.

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