Thursday, December 23, 2010


If you think Spam is yucky then stop reading now.  But, if you like Spam or have an open mind about trying new things read on!

My family likes Spam.  BBDub likes to slice it, pan-fry it and serve with red beans and rice.
Birdie's favorite way to eat Spam is in a spamwich, and I think it is my favorite too!!

These are simple, yummy, and can live in the fridge for easy quick lunches.

Cast of Characters

First you need to dice the onion, and grate the spam and velveeta.  I find the velveeta too soft to grate straight out of the pantry so I throw it in the freezer 15 minutes before I want to grate it.  It firms up just enough not to turn into a mushy mess while you are handling it.

Throw them all into a bowl and mix well.  Spread a think layer of mayo on each side of a hamburger bun, plop on some of the cheesy, spammy goodness and smush the bun together.  Wrap in tin foil and set aside.  Repeat, 7 more times.

Put these in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes.  I know this seems like a long time, but you want the onions to cook well.

When you pull them out RESIST the urge to eat these right away.  You will burn your mouth on the cheese.  I know this for a fact.  Instead, let them sit for about 30 minutes.  Then you can serve them right out of the tin foil wrapper.  Throw the ones you don't eat into the fridge and save for another day.

Guys love these and they are a huge hit at bowl game parties.  You will get requests for more!!!
Beware, a grown man can put away 4 of these.

1 medium onion
1 can spam
1 lb velveeta
hamburger buns

Grate the velveeta and spam.  Dice the onion and mix together.
Spread both sides of a hamburger bun with mayo and add some of the spam mixture.  Press the bun together and wrap in tun foil.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Stockings

There are all kinds of Christmas Stockings out there and everyone has their own stocking philosophy.  Some get new stockings every year, others have stockings that match their decor and change then out every few years, many are needlepoint done by doting mothers and grandmothers, but ours are awesome!!  Whenever someone joins the family, either by birth or marriage Mimi has a fabulous stocking made for them.  They are all different and full of beautiful beading and tacky sequins.   I love them and adore hanging them every year.  Who else can boast their own personalized, velvet, beaded stocking?

Here are a few pictures of the amazing specimens of Christmas gaudiness!!!  I just love them!!!
Birdie has a partridge in a pear tree, It is so classy and detailed with a simple elegance.  So lovely.
The pear colored beads add the perfect touch to the gold lame.  Who would have thought.


Dude's stocking shows a sleigh adorned with jingle bells carrying a decorated tree through the woods. The decoration on the tree is amazing!  And the white beads on the pine trees look perfect, just like freshly fallen snow!

BBDub's stocking is a silly snowman, complete with a carrot nose, sparkly scarf and holly in his hat.  (Those are rosy cheeks, not crazy red eyes.) 
He looks like he is ready for fun, up for anything and a real cool cat!

My stocking is a lovely angel, heralding the arrival of the Christ child.  She is beautiful and simple.

I love the names.  The beading and flourish continues to the stocking cuff and the beaustifully beaded names. 
I couldn't imagine more fabulous stockings.  They make my heart swell with sentiment and holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reindeer Crunch

Today is December 21st and I have not done a lick of holiday baking.  I have no excuse, except for pure laziness on my part.  So, today the kids and I took the plunge and made some Reindeer Crunch.  It is fabulous and addictive.  We made it with the intention of giving it to friends but I am not sure it will make it that long.  The combination of sweet, salty and chocolate is divine.

Here you go, another no-frills, kindergartner-easy recipe from Molly.  Enjoy!!!

Cast of Characters
Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil.  That is especially handy when your cookie sheets are old and gross and you are taking pictures of them to post on the internet.  I know cookie sheets are super cheap, but I just can't bring myself to part with the one I got as a wedding gift over 11 years ago.  Please ignore all pictures of gross cookie sheets.

Once your cookie sheet is lined then spread out some saltine crackers in a single layer.  Break them to make it to the edges as needed.  Don't they look all neat and tidy?

Then cook your sugar and butter on medium-high.  Boil for 2 minutes, constantly stirring.

Pour this bubbly mixture over the saltines spreading as evenly as you can with one hand while taking pictures with the other.

Bake at 350 for 7 minutes and turn your oven off.

Sprinkle with chocolate chips and put back in the oven (now turned off) for 10 minutes.

Pull it out of the oven and spread the chocolate chips.  Now let it cool.  If you can put it in your fridge.  Or if it is cold out put it in your garage, or leave it on the counter, just be prepared to chase the local hooligans away as they try to write their names in the chocolate.

When it is cooled, or you remember that you have an unfinished project, break it into chunks.  DO NOT cut it into perfect little squares.  Reindeer do not like perfect little squares, they prefer irregular chunks, bits and pieces.  However, they do love the fact that you will only have to wash one pot and one or four spoons, depending on how many you let the kids lick.

Now - enjoy!!!

Disclaimer - I found this recipe somewhere online last Christmas, I cannot remember where so if it is yours, thank you!!!

Reindeer Crunch
1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
Saltine crackers (1 1/2 sleeves)
12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line cookie sheet with tin foil.  Lay saltines in single layer on cookie sheet, to all edges.
Heat butter and sugar on medium-high heat, stirring constantly.  Boil for 2 minutes.
Pour over saltines and bake for 7 minutes.
Turn off oven.
Spread chocolate chips over saltines and place in oven for 10 minutes.
Remove from oven and spread chocolate chips.
Allow to cool and break into chunks.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Broccoli Cheese Soup

This soup combines my love of all things that can be cooked in the crock-pot and my adoration of soup!

Jason's deli has a fabulous broccoli cheese soup.  It is wonderful as a stand alone soup and divine over a baked potato!  I have been looking to a copy cat recipe for years with no success.  With this recipe I give you a fabulous and easy-enough-a-kindergartner-can-do-it Broccoli Cheese Soup.  My kids ask of this at least once a week.

Cast of Characters

Very carefully, throw them all in the crock-pot.  Turn it on to high and walk away for 4-5 hours.  Or set it at low for 8 hours.
Serve with grated cheese or over a baked potato.
If you want to add some protein, bacon is amazing or some baked chicken pieces add great kid friendly flavor.

Broccoli Cheese  Soup
16oz frozen broccoli florets
1 can cream of celery soup
16oz cheese sauce
1 pint heavy cream
1 cup milk

2 cups cubed cooked chicken
bacon crumbles

Mix in crock-pot and cook on high 4 hours or low 6-8 hours.
If you are adding the chicken, throw it in at the end and allow to warm for 30 minutes.
Serve garnished with shredded cheese and bacon or ladle over a baked potato.

Dig in and enjoy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!  It is Birdie's first day for Christmas break and I let the kids eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast.  It is lightly snowing and Dude is wearing my robe.  It is only about two feet too long, and he looks like one of the sand people from Star Wars, except baby blue.  I think Santa may need to pick up a couple robes for these two in the next couple of days.  We will need fuzzy robes in San Antonio, right??

One of the blogs I read, Big Mama, does a Fashion Friday post so I felt inspired. I am not up on all the fabulous fashion going on, but there are TONS of things I like and have on numerous lists.  Are you a list person?  I can't function without lists.  My notepad on my blackberry is full of them and I have at least 5 scattered around the house.  Lists for things I need to do, activity ideas, meal plans, Christmas gifts, wants, and all manner of other things.

So here is a list of things, no theme in particular, maybe one day I will get that far, but not yet.

I adore my dinnerware but am drawn to this beautiful set from Pottery Barn.  Something about the simplicity of the beading draws me in.  It has also started me looking for all things hobnail.  One day I may actually save enough pennies to purchase it but right now I admire it from afar.  Emma Dinnerware

Of course the fact that it is white makes it absolutely perfect.  BBDub is convinced that we would live in a completely white house if I had my way.  I can't help it.  White is so calm, clean, crisp and lovely I don't think an all white house would be that bad!!

I think I may be the only 30 something woman in Colorado who does not not own a pair of Uggs.  I just can't bring myself to spend $200 on a pair of boots.  It doesn't keep me from dreaming though!  When Birdie cheered at the rec league Super Bowl this fall I saw one of the football moms wearing these boots.  I almost tore them off of her feet right there, but she was a tiny little thing and I was positive she was wearing a child size, nothing my big old skis could fit in.   I did, however, find them and have had them in my save-for-later-cart at Amazon since.  I know Uggs never go on sale so I am waiting to win the lottery so I can buy them. These look so unique while keeping with the general Ugg style, I just adore them!

Since we are on the cusp of moving to San Antonio I have decided that in addition to some fabulous cowboy boots I need a blingtastic belt buckle.  My girlfriend, Martha, has several and I just adore them.  So the other day I perused the shops over at Etsy and found a treasure trove of blingtastic belt buckles.  How does a girl choose?  They are so beautiful and unique!  Here is my favorite, it is less in-your-face (although I have several of those saved as favorites as well) and incorporates my love of all things white and all pearls.  Take a few minutes and browse her shop.  Although she makes these in Massachusetts, they are perfect for Texas!  Just don't buy the one I want or I might have to hunt you down and take it. 

I have hopes to entertain again when we finally move.  I feel like I am always talking about this move and it is never going to happen.  Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine!! 
I love entertaining, having friends over for dinner and board games or just sitting around chatting is so much fun!  I have not done it as much as I would like but it is a New Years Resolution of mine and I intend to stick to it!!  Sandy at The Reluctant Entertainer has inspired me to entertain more.  She is right, entertaining friends brings joy and happiness into our homes.  Since I will be in the Texas wine country I plan on enjoying the fruits of the land!  These Scrabble Tile Wine Glass Charms are perfect!!  The artist also has a set of Disney Villains that I think would be so much fun too! Are wine glass charms no longer socially acceptable?  I am pretty out of it so please correct me if I am wrong.  Although I cant promise to listen!!

Off I run because I need to finish stripping that wallpaper.  Or I might hang out with the kids and watch Bugs Bunny.  Nothing like being lazy on a beautiful snowy day!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheesy Breadsticks

Earlier this week I caved to the kids requests for pizza.  We headed out to Little Caesars to pick up a $5 pizza.  The store was running a deal, 2 pizzas and two bags of breadsticks for $10.  Woohoo, free breadsticks and leftovers!!  Never able to pass up a deal I headed home with two pizzas and two bags of breadsticks.

Of course after a couple pieces of pizza the kiddos were full and the breadsticks sat there untouched.  I bundled up the leftovers and stuck them in the fridge, but these breadsticks have been nagging at me.  Festering in the back of my brain, reminding me that wasting food is a naughty thing!
Well, there will be no wasting in this house, I have figured out a solution and it was super yummo!

Let me introduce Cheesy Breadsticks!  Really, this is not a meal for adults, although you can dress it up with different toppings.

Since I had the breadsticks on hand, and they had been slathered in garlic butter, there wasn't much for me to do.  I turned on the oven to 350, lined the breadsticks up like little solders and sprinkled them with cheese, and some shredded chicken.

Into the still pre-heating oven they went and I pulled them out when the cheese was bubbly and melted.  About 15 minutes at our high altitude.

Lets just way these were a hit.  I had to put a little pressure on the kids to eat their broccoli before they could have seconds, I do have some nutritional standards.

So If you ever swing by Little Caesars for a quick kid friendly dinner, grab the breadsticks (free or not) to make another kid approved meal later that week.

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We are so blessed and I feel that a simple way to remind myself of my blessings is to write them down.
Nothing eloquent or funny, just straight forward and simple.

~ BBDub who is working so hard and getting by with so little to establish a fresh new start for our family
~ Birdie who is always positive and joyful.
~ Dude who is such a snuggle bug and adventure seeker.
~ The opportunity to spend some time being a stay-at-home-mom, it is lovely to get so much time with my kids and slow down from the chaos for working and raising a family.

There are so many more things I am thankful for, the list could go on for miles.  I want to be able to focus on one area of thankfulness and spend time remembering not to always look at the hardships in life when I am surrounded by so many blessings.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Treats

I have a weakness.  Well, I have many, many, many weaknesses.  One of my weaknesses is sugar.  Anything with sugar, just makes me happy.  So during the Christmas holidays I struggle with all of the fabulous, mouth watering treats available.
I thought this year would be easier since I am not working and the temptations of office treats are gone.
Nope, I create my own temptations.  And I am weak!

First of all there is egg nog.  I adore the stuff, could drink it by the gallon.  I buy the low fat version to try and lessen the damage to the fibers in my jeans, but I am not sure it makes that much of a difference.  I have not and will not look at the nutritional information on the back.  In my book that is just like intentionally getting a blistering sunburn on your shoulders.  Why put yourself through the pain.  Thankfully my kids don't care for egg nog so it is all mine, mwahahahahahah!

Lets talk fudge.  Glorious, creamy, rich, chocolaty fudge.  I made the mistake of looking for a simple recipe online the other day.  Get this.  Take 3 cups (18 ounces) of chocolate chips and one can of sweetened condensed milk.  Heat both in a saucepan until combined and pour into any container lined with wax paper.  If you want toppings on this I would suggest putting them on the bottom and pouring the fudge over the top.  It is pretty thick and my toppings needed to be pressed in.  Even then they all didn't stick.  Doesn't matter though because this stuff is divine, the simplicity makes it even better in my book.  I topped it with peanuts and sea salt.  Then I hid it.  Please don't rat me out, I don't know if I can bring myself to share.

Enstroms Toffee is good enough to kill for.  It is decadent buttery, almond, chocolate toffee that comes in 1/2 lb boxes.  I simply cannot control myself around them.  Thankfully they are only sold at Enstroms stores and mall kiosks.  With Dude hanging around all the time going to a mall is the last thing on my list.  Even less appealing than stripping wallpaper.  So I have been saved from that temptation, but it doesn't keep be from dreaming about it. 

Then there is pecan pie, or pecan pie tartlets.  Oooh the buttery, custardy, sugary goodness.  I can't have this in the house ever or I will eat the entire pie.  In college my roommate, before she was my Sister-in-law, made a bunch of pecan pies and froze them.  I can tell you that frozen pecan pie, eaten in the dark of the kitchen with a steak knife is just a good as room temperature pecan pie.

Last but not least there is the temptation of Starbucks.  I used to have an addiction to the pumpkin spice latte.  That was before Stephanie introduced me to the salted caramel hot chocolate, with extra salt and caramel.  These are AMAZING.  They are sweet, salty and chocolaty all at once.  Pure bliss for your palate in a cup.  Yesterday I entered a drawing for a $1,000 Starbucks gift card.  If I win it may got towards hundreds of venti salted caramel hot chocolates.

So, when you ask what I want for Christmas I will tell you, willpower. Because with all of the tempting holiday goodies I find my willpower lacking.  Lets face it, nonexistent.  This afternoon I put all of my skinny pants away until after new years.  Why torture myself, right?

Monday, December 13, 2010


This fall Birdie took a stab at cheerleading and was quite good at it.  I had a hard time reconciling myself to the fact that she was a cheerleader but as the season went on and it became apparent that she was thriving I became much more enthusiastic.
 Isn't she the cutest thing?
The girls on her squad cheered for the local rec-league football teams, although with as seriously as some of the football parents took it you would have thought those little guys were competing for scholarships.

The season was filled with cold games, new cheers, hoarse parents and finally stunting.  Be still my heart!

Birdie absolutely adored her coach and thrived in her squad.  Poor Dude had to sit through more football games than he ever thought possible.  Thankfully there were 4 or 5 other younger brothers that were forced to attend games.  They spent most of their time prowling around like a pack of wolves and sword fighting.

Hopefully we will be able to find another league in San Antonio for Birdie to join, as she seems to have found her sport.  If wearing her cheer jacket to school each day is any indication, she is proud!

One of the other cheer moms video taped almost all of the games, the videos are cute and only one captured  a few moms doing our best to replicate a cheer.  So embarrassing!!!

Saturday was the culmination of her first season as a cheerleader.  The league held a banquet for the girls at a not-very-local high school.  There were about 120 girls there with parents and siblings.  The term banquet was used very loosely, the taco bar was interesting the say the least and the two sheet cakes weren't even enough for all of the girls.  However, each squad was able to perform a cheer and everyone got a trophy.

Birdie received "most spirit" for her squad and she was thrilled!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday

The tree is done!  Don't talk about the wallpaper.
The tree looks beautiful and now that it is complete it is such an uplifting sight!  Our tree is not anything fancy, it is a hodgepodge of ornaments that we have collected and those passed down from parents and grandparents.  Almost every ornament has a story or a memory, heck some of them are older than I am.  I took some pictures of a few of my favorites. 

 A few years ago I came across this series of birds at Hallmark.  I really love them and purchase myself one every year.  Usually around Halloween to make sure I get one and fulfill my ornament obsession.
I think they are just lovely!

My secret santa at work gave this to me a few years ago.  At that time I had a problem with their pumpkin spice lattes.  The problem was that I was unable to make it through the day without one.  I have conquered that "problem" and now only require one a week.  And, no, I haven't replaced said problem with a new one.
So I lovingly place this on our tree every year, and ignore the snickers from my family.

When we were first married BBDub got this from Mimi.  All the guys did.  No one was quite sure what she was thinking, but I think it is a hoot and hang it every year.  That same year I gave my Sister-in-Law a rubber chicken ornament.  She was baffled and I guffawed for hours.  I should have bought one for myself.  The thought of a rubber chicken on the tree still makes me giggle.

Every year for 75 years Castle Rock has had an annual Star Lighting ceremony.  It is a community wide event the last Saturday before thanksgiving.  There is chili at the firehouse, carriage rides, hot chocolate and loads of holiday cheer.  At dark the countdown begins and the star on the rock is lit.  It remains lit every night through the holiday season.  I absolutely love the star lighting and tend to tear up every time we see the star.

Now tell me, who doesn't love a flying angel pig with a big green bow and starry red skives. I do!!!!

Our tree topper is an angel and she is beautiful.  I think an angel tree topper is lovely, and just as symbolic as a star.  I bought her when a couple of my dear friends from church and I went the The Broadmoor for lunch and girl time.  We had a delightful day and I found her in the gift shop on clearance.  Nothing beats a beautiful Christmas decoration on clearance!!

There are so many more but I am beginning to bore myself with nostalgia.  Over the next couple of weeks I will try to control my urges to bombard you with my love for all things gaudy around Christmas.  I say, if you are going to do it, do it BIG!!!

Oh, I am trying to control myself and not buy this beautiful nativity scene.  Hopefully they will go on sale and I can snag one before they are all gone.  Isn't it stunning?
You can find it here -

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I love - The Outlander Series

Lets get it out there now.  I have a reading addiction.  I love to read and always have a book with me.  Of course, with my handy, dandy kindle that is so much easier.
There are so many books I love.  Classics, period pieces, adventure, historical fiction, etc, etc.

One of my favorite series is by Diana Gabaldon. The Outlander series is currently 7 very long books that encompass historical fiction, adventure, romance and a little fantasy.

The stories always start out a little slow, you MUST give the first book 100 pages before you walk away.  The story is so complex and complete that it takes her a little time to set the stage.  With a 600+ page book to work with (the subsequent books get longer) 100 pages is a drop in the hat.  But you can't let the size scare you.  This series is captivating and the characters are so complete that they become real.  I must say that after Pride and Prejudice, these are my favorite books.
They have taught me history lessons, both European and American, and made me long to visit Scotland where I actually have some family ties.  BBDub has commented many times that while I am reading these he would get more attention if he put on a kilt and spoke with a Scottish accent.  Well, he might, it isn't a bad idea!!  I will confess that I now make him take me to the local highland games each year.  Actually, he insists that I not go alone, who knows I might run off with a red headed Scot!!
If you are looking for a new series to lose yourself in, stay up all night reading and demand the author write that dang 8th book faster, then these are to books for you!

Now, if you are a fan of that popular vampire trilogy and you are over the age of 18, I must insist that you read the Outlander series. Jamie and Claire make Edward and Bella look like casual, platonic, acquaintances.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Fergus is our Elf on a Shelf.  A co-worker of mine gave him to us a couple years ago and the kids love him.  They are always excited to find him each morning after he has flown back from visiting Santa while they are asleep.  Fergus isn't mischievous like other elves, because I just don't take the time for him to get involved in shenanigans.
Dude loves Fergus the most.  There are secret conversations when Fergus is perched in a spot low enough to allow whispers.  One day he set out some leftover Halloween candy so Fergus could share with Santa.  The boy is learning the value of a bribe.  Lets not discuss why we still have leftover Halloween candy in December.

One of Dude's favorite toys lately is his Paper Jams guitar. He goes everywhere singing Sweet Home Alabama and rocking out.  Regularly asking me if I like his "rock star moves."  Of course it makes sense that Fergus would need a rockin' guitar just like his, so that was the task of the morning.  As soon as we got home from dropping Birdie off at school I broke out the craft bin.  Don't let this fool you, I am not crafty, at all!  In fact most of the items in the craft bin are brand new, and have been for years, or are from forced school crafts.
Dude threatened me with stripping wallpaper if I didn't create a replica of his guitar for Fergus so they could jam together.  I got my pencil sharpened and started to draw.

With the sketch complete I was under the impression that Dude would color it in, but he had other ideas.  So I colored to the best of my ability with musical inspiration in my right ear and the occasional correction or instruction. 
With the guitar in place Dude and Fergus can now have many future jam sessions and I can enjoy the awesome imagination of a 5 year old.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I love - Tervis Tumblers

We exchange Christmas gifts with my side of the family at Thanksgiving.  My parents made the decision early on not to make us choose between families for Christmas.  This way we always get together and enjoy two holidays at once and no in-laws, or out-laws are offended, put out, or get their panties in a twist about being anyone's second choice.  Of course that doesn't stop us from spending Christmas at home with our little family of four every other year.  While I enjoy seeing my husbands family. the trek to Dallas is a long one and sometimes it is nice to have a lovely Christmas at home.

This year my parents got BBDub (my husband) some Tervis Tumblers with the Baylor University logo.  Honestly, they were my idea and I thought they would be something he would use for his Diet Dr Pepper at home as well as in the car.  They have these handy dandy lids with straws and lids that replicate a Starbucks cup.
Since he is living in San Antonio with the bare essentials I took them home to Castle Rock to store them until we moved and he could enjoy his gift.
In the meantime I thought I would try them out.  Just to see if they work or not.  Let me tell you, I LOVE them!!  They keep cold drinks cool, and the tapered bottom fits perfectly in my cup holder.
On Sunday we were running late to church and I was not going to be able to swing through the local coffee joint to grab a pumpkin spice latte (ahh heaven!).  So I quickly boiled some water and made myself a GIANT cup of tea in one of the Tervis Tumblers.  I think they are 24oz!  Let me tell you.  This tea stayed warm on the 25 minute drive to church, through dropping the kids off at their respective classrooms and well into the sermon.  I forgot about my tea about halfway through because I was crying so much that finding a Kleenex became my top priority.  Believe it or not I had almost finished the cup at this point.  The hot drink lid slides closed to reduce spills and fits very tight.
I can already tell that 6 of these will not be enough for the two of us to share and BBDub will need to get some more.  What's his is mine - right?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday morning cookies

My tree is up, not decorated, but up.  I am all twitchy because there are decorations all over my front room, but can't muster the will to actually spend the time to put them on the tree.  I am having serious holiday blahs.
The kids have put up a couple ornaments but even they lost interest.

Then I looked at the powder room where I am halfway though stripping the wall paper.  I honestly believe that the previous owners used super glue to apply it.  The steamer worked OK, but the solution of 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water works much better.  Smelling like a pickle is just a fringe benefit.
I have the last bits to pick off of the big wall then the entire opposite wall to do. I may avoid it until I am forced to do it at gun point.
Instead of doing anything productive, I sat around reading blogs and eating Cream-of-Wheat.  I am beyond addicted to that stuff.  The fact that my kids think it is gross and won't steal from me may make it that much better.  Am I the only parent who rarely gets to eat my meal without a little person coming along and trying to steal it?  They can have the exact same thing on their plate, but mine is much more tempting.
I digress.
After I spent a couple hours forcing Dude to watch Pink Panther cartoons, I decided we would bake cookies!  Exactly what I needed to be doing at 10:30am.  I make very special oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  They are very difficult and very yummy!!
First I start with a bag of Betty Crocker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, then I follow the directions.
They always turn out scrumptious even after we have eaten a large part of the dough.
Maybe this afternoon I will find some motivation to get the tree decorated or the wall paper stripped.  Here is to hoping!!!

Visit with Santa

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to track down the sneaky St. Nick.  We found him, thanks to my dear friend Stephanie who is always beyond organized and in the know about all of the great community events in our area.

So we headed out the the Castle Pines Village where they were hosting Santa, Mrs Claus and some free cookie decorating.  In an effort not to wait in an ever growing line of bored kids and less than festive parents we got there EXTRA early.  That may have been an overshoot on our part.  We were there ready to go at 10:30am.  Santa was scheduled to appear at 11 and no one else got in line until about 10:50.  Oh well, the kids had a pseudo good time running around together and ignoring their mothers requests to stay clean and tidy until their meeting with the big guy.

My poor kids were the only ones dressed in matching outfits.  Christmas is the only time I actually force them to wear the same thing.  I just adore coordinated outfits!!
The cookie decorating afterward was a hit.  Dude chose to slather his in red frosting and scarf it immediately while Birdie took her time adding sprinkles and frosting just so.  Only allowing it to be eaten once she was safely in the car with a napkin in her lap.  They then begged me to take them to the mall to see the "real" Santa.  I declined, but was persuaded to visit Yogurtland.  That is a whole post in itself.  My love for Yogurtland will never be satisfied.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sign me up!

Am I the only insane mother who starts two multi-day projects on the same day?  I have plummeted my house into chaos and am sure to get a showing scheduled when there is no possible way I can get the house ready in time.  Some would say this is self sabotage, but I like to think of it as a personal challenge!! 
Who am I kidding, I simply got bored with stripping wallpaper and decided that the Christmas tree had to go up.  Come on, stripping wallpaper could be considered torture.  The fact that I have hated the wallpaper for 6 years and haven't lifted a finger to remove it did get me a little irked.  Of course now that I am tring to get someone ot rent my house I am doing all the little beautification projects that I couldn't be bothered to do before.
So, a quarter of the powder room has had the wallpaper steamed away, there are scraps of paper littering the floor and I threw myself into putting up the Christmas tree.  It is 9 feet tall, and now I have to get it decorated.
So, tomorrow I shall finish stripping wallpaper, decorate the Christmas tree, clean the house, have lunch with a friend, run a few errands and enjoy a glass of wine when the kids go to bed.  Who is taking bets?

I am a mother of 2 fabulous kids and married to a wonderful man.  I am in the middle of an insane life change.  We are moving from beautiful Colorado to San Antonio, Texas.  While my hubby has been there since May, the kids and I have been holding down the fort here.  The separation has been torture, although nothing to stripping wallpaper, and we are hopeful that it will be coming to a close.  The house in Colorado is on the rental market, I am packing non-essentials and dear hubby is researching schools and neighborhoods in San Antonio.  Hopefully we will be hitting the road by early January.
Aaarrrgggghhh, Texas?!?!? Have I lost my mind?  I have done the Texas thing before.  As a college student at Baylor University I battled killer heat, drenching humidity, insane I-35 traffic and bugs big enough to eat a large turkey.  Why in the world am I going back?  Love, and the need to have at least one paying job between us.  Thank you fabulous economy!!!  Nothing like each of us loosing our jobs in the same year to give a little perspective.
Enough!  No more pity party!  This is an adventure and I am going to grab the bull by the horns, put on my boots and have a blast.  Now, who wants to help me pack?