Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Stockings

There are all kinds of Christmas Stockings out there and everyone has their own stocking philosophy.  Some get new stockings every year, others have stockings that match their decor and change then out every few years, many are needlepoint done by doting mothers and grandmothers, but ours are awesome!!  Whenever someone joins the family, either by birth or marriage Mimi has a fabulous stocking made for them.  They are all different and full of beautiful beading and tacky sequins.   I love them and adore hanging them every year.  Who else can boast their own personalized, velvet, beaded stocking?

Here are a few pictures of the amazing specimens of Christmas gaudiness!!!  I just love them!!!
Birdie has a partridge in a pear tree, It is so classy and detailed with a simple elegance.  So lovely.
The pear colored beads add the perfect touch to the gold lame.  Who would have thought.


Dude's stocking shows a sleigh adorned with jingle bells carrying a decorated tree through the woods. The decoration on the tree is amazing!  And the white beads on the pine trees look perfect, just like freshly fallen snow!

BBDub's stocking is a silly snowman, complete with a carrot nose, sparkly scarf and holly in his hat.  (Those are rosy cheeks, not crazy red eyes.) 
He looks like he is ready for fun, up for anything and a real cool cat!

My stocking is a lovely angel, heralding the arrival of the Christ child.  She is beautiful and simple.

I love the names.  The beading and flourish continues to the stocking cuff and the beaustifully beaded names. 
I couldn't imagine more fabulous stockings.  They make my heart swell with sentiment and holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas!!!

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