Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Fergus is our Elf on a Shelf.  A co-worker of mine gave him to us a couple years ago and the kids love him.  They are always excited to find him each morning after he has flown back from visiting Santa while they are asleep.  Fergus isn't mischievous like other elves, because I just don't take the time for him to get involved in shenanigans.
Dude loves Fergus the most.  There are secret conversations when Fergus is perched in a spot low enough to allow whispers.  One day he set out some leftover Halloween candy so Fergus could share with Santa.  The boy is learning the value of a bribe.  Lets not discuss why we still have leftover Halloween candy in December.

One of Dude's favorite toys lately is his Paper Jams guitar. He goes everywhere singing Sweet Home Alabama and rocking out.  Regularly asking me if I like his "rock star moves."  Of course it makes sense that Fergus would need a rockin' guitar just like his, so that was the task of the morning.  As soon as we got home from dropping Birdie off at school I broke out the craft bin.  Don't let this fool you, I am not crafty, at all!  In fact most of the items in the craft bin are brand new, and have been for years, or are from forced school crafts.
Dude threatened me with stripping wallpaper if I didn't create a replica of his guitar for Fergus so they could jam together.  I got my pencil sharpened and started to draw.

With the sketch complete I was under the impression that Dude would color it in, but he had other ideas.  So I colored to the best of my ability with musical inspiration in my right ear and the occasional correction or instruction. 
With the guitar in place Dude and Fergus can now have many future jam sessions and I can enjoy the awesome imagination of a 5 year old.

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