Sunday, January 2, 2011


The last couple of years we have taken the kids tubing in Fraser, Colorado.  It is an easy day trip for us and we pack a picnic lunch to enjoy after the fun ends.
We try to head out of he house at about 8am in order to be some of the first to the tubing hill at 10.  Try is the operative word here, this year we were closing the garage at 8:45.  I blamed it on the fact that we went December 26th and we were all still recovering from a fun filled Christmas day!

The nice thing is that all you need to bring is snow gear.  The tubing hill provides the helmets, tubes and magic carpet.
After two hours on the road, this includes one potty stop along the way, we were there.  The Colorado Adventure Park boasts 4 tubing hills from green to double black, a fire pit and the blessing called a magic carpet. 

Once we get our two hour tubing passes and select our tubes we jump on the magic carpet to start the fun.
Remember when you were a kid and the joy was sucked out of sledding because you had to haul yourself and the sled back up the hill?  While our parents chortled to themselves about how tired we would be in an hour.  Well my friends, do not fear about having to haul your kids, their tubes, your tube and yourself back up the fabulously steep hill.  Some wonderful human being has come up with the answer. Magic Carpet Lifts do all of the work for you, while you take a break.

The next two hours were spent in mind numbing bliss of tearing down the hills solo or in groups, in search of the elusive "air" and trying to avoid leaving our kids behind as we raced back up to the top.

After our time is up we gather at the fire pit for a picnic lunch before heading home with a car load of exhausted kids and parents.  Although never too exhausted for a stop at Yogurtland!

If you are able to hit a tubing hill this winter - do it!  You won't regret it and your kids will talk about how much fun they had for months!!

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