Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things I Love - Yogurtland

Let me tell you about my frozen treat addiction.  It is going to be the death of me.  I cannot have ice cream in the house because it calls to me.  Reaches out it's chilly, creamy, sweet fingers and makes me eat it!!
So I try to keep it out of the house and only indulge once a week, or so.  Some people have a Starbucks habit, well I have a Yogurtland habit.  Thankfully the closest store is about 30 minutes from my house and I have to come up with a secondary excuse to go there to rationalize my need.
Remember TCBY?  Yogurtland is very similar, except for the fact that you get to choose from 16 fabulous self serve flavors.  Then you get to top it from the toppings bar with anything from fruit to candy bars.  The kicker?  It is only 30 cents/ounce.  Of course, that sounds cheap, but when you get the large bowl and utilize the tapping method to settle your yogurt, the cost is similar to one of the fancy we-mix-your-ice-cream-with-the-toppings-of-your-choice chains.  Thankfully my kids aren't quite as heavy handed as I am and we can still get out of there for about $12 between the three of us. Dude always gets the chocolate, no need to explain, we all understand 5 year old boy humor.  Birdie is in LOVE with the blood orange and is in despair that our store seems to have dropped that flavor in the last month in favor of mango.  So she settles for the plain yogurt flavor.  It is nice and tart, just like plain yogurt.
I have such a hard time making my decision!!  I adore the coffee with a chocolate chips, peanuts and chocolate sauce.  But sometimes I have to deviate from coffee and hit up the mango, strawberry or blood orange.  They are all simply fabulous!!!  The kids will tell you about the time I got two small cups because I couldn't decide.  When they said it wasn't fair I calmly explained that I am the Mommy so I need more yogurt.  Then karma took a bite out of me when we got to the car and the battery was dead.  I don't think I will get away with two cups ever again.
So if you are near a Yogurtland, I am telling you to get off your duff and scurry on over.  Even if there is a long line, it is worth it!!
I am devastated that the is not a Yogurtland in San Antonio.  Anyone have $500k they want to use to help me start a franchise?  I promise I won't eat there every day.

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  1. I can't believe I have not tried this place yet..... We have definately got to go one of these days......