Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eggs in a Nest (Toad in a Hole)

The kids and I spend the holiday weekend in La Veta with Mimi and PopPop.
We had a wonderful time, climbing trees, exploring a ski resort, movies, parachute games, bald eagles and just enjoying each other's company.

One of Birdie's favorite things to do in La Veta is cook Eggs in a Nest.  Last Summer she spent several weeks with Mimi and PopPop and this is one of the many skills she came home with.  So Monday morning shewas ready to set up her assembly line and feed everyone.

The requirements are very simple.

Eggs, bread, butter, salt and pepper.  Done!

She likes to make these with two eggs, I think it is just because she likes to crack more eggs.
Then she cuts outthe center of the bread with a cookie cutter and waits for Mimi's skillet to be ready. 

In goes the bread and the eggs get dumped more or less in the hole.  She needs a little assistance to flip them and remove to a plate, but she is ready with her salt and pepper at the end.  Always asking if you would like a lot or a little.

What a yummy, filling and quick breakfast for any day.  Plus the kids love to help!  Maybe next time she will let Dude help.

Even Piper enjoys this one...

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